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Fly fishing for everyone

May 19, 2011 Category :Fly Fishers 0

Depending on who you ask, fly fishing is an art, a science, a sport or even something reminiscent of a secret society. What is true is that fly fishing continues to grow in popularity as new people discover its allure.

Whether you are an expert angler or just learning how to cast, it is easy to understand the appeal of fly fishing. People who fly fish can literally spend a lifetime perfecting the art. There is a vast amount of knowledge that goes into selecting the right rod, knowing the strength of a line, choosing the perfect fly, tying the right knot, casting the line and finally, if you are lucky, landing a fish. Many experts take fly fishing up a notch and begin making their own flies.

For someone who is just beginning to learn about fly fishing, the amount of knowledge to assimilate can be almost overwhelming. With any luck, you have a mentor to guide you favourite the common beginner frustrations. You can take heart in the fact that almost everyone has humorous stories about their early fly fishing trips. The ones where they didn’t catch a single fish, but they still managed to hook themselves as well as all of their friends. When you do catch your first fish, the sense of accomplishment is worth it.

Beginners and seasoned veterans alike can participate in what is, perhaps, the best aspect of fly fishing, the setting. Everyone needs an excuse to leave their hectic daily life behind and get away from it all. To sit quietly in a beautiful natural environment and breath fresh air is enjoyable for everyone. Some people prefer saltwater and some fresh. Some people enjoy the convenience of a fishery, and some love the challenge of a stream. Eventually, everyone develops their own favourite fishing retreat.

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