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April 21, 2011 Category :Fly Fishers 0

Have you heard the joke about the husband that calls his wife from work on a Friday afternoon to tell her that he is going fly fishing with his buddies for the weekend? He asks nicely to pack up his tackle box and silk pajamas. She thinks it is a bit strange but being his faithful wife she does as he asks, and the husband stops by his home to pick up his tackle box and weekend bag. When he gets home on Sunday night, she asks him how his weekend was and how many fish they caught.

Husband to Wife, “On Saturday we caught six, and on Sunday we caught eight, but we threw them all back. It was fun, but honey I thought I had asked you to pack my silk pajamas, why didn’t you?”

Wife to Husband, “I did pack your silk pajamas, Dear, in your tacklebox.”

For those of us who really go fly fishing with the boys, the tale that always lasts, is the size of the fish. Of course the limit of the size of the fish depends on where you go choose to do your fly fishing and what type of lure you use. Oh, and who you went on the trip with. We all know that a fisherman’s tale of the size of the fish they caught grows along with the excitement of the narrator’s storytelling.

The art of fly fishing is just that, an art. Right down to the actual creation of the lures, which are tied meticulously with tweezers under a magnifying glass. Unlike deep-sea fishing or freshwater lake fishing, fly fishing does not require the use of a boat, and usually involves some hiking to a remote location. Spectators who are not fly fishing will be bored, this is an event which is only for the enthusiast and his enthusiastic buddies.

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